The Ask:
Refresh the look and feel of the original static graphic highlighting the Cat 797 mining truck, highlighting the collaboration between the customers, the dealer and Caterpillar. 
The Challenge:
Even with items cut from the infographic, the piece was still packed with a lot information to take in at once. Since this graphic was for social media, I proposed that instead of a large static graphic, we tell the story with animation. 
My Process:
Study the existing graphic and sketch out ideas for graphics that could support the story, such as a heart for life expectancy instead of a stethoscope. The client wanted to keep a fun, energized vibe to the story. I began to plot out the styleframes for a cohesive, branded look and feel. I implemented an After Effects plugin for the odometer sequences to cut my production time.
Sarah Hintz: Account Manager and Ben Brodbeck: Product Manager
Client approved; Complete
Final Animation
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