The Ask:
Create a cohesive art direction that inspires potential job applicants to think "I want to work at Caterpillar".  
The Challenge:
Time constraint 4 weeks: This non-billable exploration was squeezed in between billable jobs. New idea(s) must scale to all touchpoints, from large banners to small animated social media graphics. New ideas must be innovative yet unmistakably branded as Caterpillar.
My Process:
Study the existing Caterpillar recruitment collateral and the collateral of competitors inside and outside of our industry to get a feel for where we stand in comparison and how far we could push. Study the Hero video and let that drive/inform the copy and proposed new collateral. Try to create a bridge between the new collateral and the video, so they complement and bolster each other.  

Sketch thumbnails on iPad before moving into Photoshop and Illustrator. Create in-context mock-ups to help client envision social media animation. 

Create a deck that positions our opportunity and pitches the  3 solutions. .
Jenn Ervin, Jeff Earley, Troy Johnson
Pitch to Client
This portion of the presentation outlines the unique challenges and opportunities for recruitment within the manufacturing space as well as the job market at large. I included examples of some out-of-the-box creative that positioned companies as innovators.
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