Arlon is a plastics manufacturer in Southern California, specializing in digitally printable, pressure-sensitive adhesive film. Their products are used by sign industry professionals worldwide. As I pivoted from Sr. Graphic Designer/Graphic Arts Manager to Marketing Manager for Latin America, I kept my designer's hat on and creatively supported my own Latin America design needs. In this new role, I spearheaded the translation and customization of the marketing collateral for LATAM working closely with the Marketing Director and the product management team, and I sourced regional product photography from our LATAM social media channels. I collaborated closely with our distributors to ensure they were using the latest marketing collateral and adhering to our brand style guide for their co-branded marketing efforts.
Working together with the Sr. Designer for North America, I adapted the English style guide into Spanish for Latin America and added in common examples of logo misuse I've seen in the field. Additional guidance was added to discourage our distributors from translating the trademarked logos for the product technology (X-Scape Technology and FLITE Technology).
I worked closely with Arlon Product Managers to create sales sheets for products that were available in both North America and Latin America. The design was to remain consistent and unmistakably Arlon with the only difference being Spanish translation.
My adaptation of the North America product brochure for Latin America required the removal of roughly half the pages from the original North America reference, as not all products were available/marketable in Latin America. As a result, some product pages were consolidated to maintain press pagination. I translated the brochure, and retouched/composited original photography provided by Arlon end-users within Latin America. For this regional brochure I proposed that we include the Instagram handles of the sign/car wrap installers who kindly allowed us to use their images. 
This project required close collaboration with a vendor in Mexico City who was trusted to take full vinyl rolls and cut them into swatch strips, then apply the strips to the printed brochures. Aside from the logistics of the swatch creation, the biggest challenge was accommodating the English/Spanish copy within the space available while still maintaining a clean look and feel. 
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