The Ask:
Take the existing MineStar Health content and redesign the layout in a more user friendly way.  

The Challenge:
Client LOVES accordion UI element, must include in design. There is a ton of copy without a strong sense of hierarchy. Site header must be first element. Images cannot be full-width. Copy cannot be cut down. 

My Process:
Study the AEM resources/design guides pertaining to this site style provided by Lance and Carrie. Study the current site content and wireframe areas that can be consolidated. Familiarize myself with the Adobe XD starter template. Go on SharePoint to source any other XD files that I can use to steal elements/design modules. Visit the Cat Mining site for further art direction and cues for consistency. 

Lance Endres, Sarah Hintz and Ben Brodbeck

Work in progress
Proposed Solutions

Each page could have a photo to accompany the intro paragraph and a "News Module" (actual header copy TBD) would replace the content-heavy announcements section. Proposal 1 keeps the long-scroll that the client is used to but I propose we break up the content into sections divided by color. Adding a jump-navigation will allow the user to quickly navigate to the section they are interested in. 

Similar to Proposal 1, but this time we have a single content module that populates based on the section selected, in this case the VIMS Forwarder. No more long scrolls, everything would fit in this one page, and would only show the content the user wants to see, when they want to see it. 

The current main Health page has a graph that I propose we omit in this new design until we learn what the graph is intended to do so that we can design a solution for it. The graph can be replaced with either another graph, a separate page, or video, etc depending on what the client wants to accomplish. 

The "Services Includes" section has a new alternating white/grey backgrounds in the grid. Sales and Marketing modules are borrowed from other Adobe XD working files.  
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